Have we Stereotyped LOVE?



What is love I had it in mind…

Is it “The Feeling”, One of a kind?

Is it the kind we read in old books?

Or like the present that depends on the looks?

Is it silent and powerful like a prayers?

Or filled with chaos rumble and tremors?

Does it take you away and leave you reminiscing?

Does it complete you giving you a new meaning?

Do you need to seek it? Or does it find you?

Does it come only once? or comes quite a few?

What is Love I had it in mind…

Show me the path and be a little kind!

What is Love truly these days? What comes to our mind at first when we hear LOVE?

Is it like in the romantic movies, the first kiss and the ecstasy, the longing and the meetings with adrenaline rush?

Yes I am talking about the LOVE between two individuals here!

Does love mean a lot of PDA and less of conversations, A lot of social media and a less of personal life ?

Does being in love means being complete and without love a person is just incomplete?

A lot of individuals are struggling with these answers, Nowadays people struggle finding love. We all are in a race of finding that love of our life.

A lot of experiences, a lot of compromises and still single!!! Yes!, This is frustrating.

I look at people blindly going on dates and meeting people just to find that love, in a tiny hope that one day they will find that Knight in Shining Armour who will put them out of their misery, The hope that one day an angel will come into their lives and every sorrow will vanish!

Is love a status symbol?

After all these experiences and questions I couldn’t help but wonder HAVE WE STEREOTYPED LOVE??

The Battle within


Like push and the pull at same time,

You are stuck in a cell as if you’ve committed a crime.

Swimming against the tides with all your force,

Even after giving in all you cannot change the course.

You look for help but it all goes in vain,

It’s the deepest of pains you cannot explain.

They ask you to run away and never look back,

But the pain still haunts you there’s something you lack.

It’s the battle within the toughest of all,

Loose a little bit and can devour your soul.

The key to win is to go through the pain,

Experience it all until the demons are slain.

Don’t run away just fight a little hard,

You’ll come out clean with a much stronger guard.

Ever felt like you are stuck with somethings in life, A haunting past which makes you helpless. Just trying to avoid but it keeps on coming back, Even if you do not want to, You feel so helpless that the only way out is flying away. There is immense pain in your heart devouring you slowly.

 Well I have been experiencing these things lately, I thought I would share this with my reader family and help people in similar situations. I have been getting panic attacks and emotional breakdowns lately but I have battled with them now and have come out clean almost with a new start. So, following are some points that may help you get over it easily.

The only way out of any pain is not to avoid it but to feel it!

Do not be weak and let it break you instead use it to become a better person!

Do not try to escape or get away from it instead go through it experience it !

Do not isolate yourself , when do this you tend to over think and end up miserable!

Talk to your friend, When you talk it out you lose the negative energy and feel light!

Believe me friends it works these points have helped me get through my difficult times, Just believe you are a fighter and you can shift all the darkness out of your life. You have the power and potential to be free from all this and trust me it works.

This world has so much to offer, you deserve to be loved and you deserve to feel good. So never settle terms with these negative feelings instead leverage it to your own good. remember how far have you come, Remember your journey this far. If you can survive this trust me there is nothing in the world that can stop you!

What I did for Love?


The Sunrise!

Love is a feeling of divine I thought,

But somehow it led me to an emotional drought!

I felt it was forever and never going to end,

But it gave me a smile that I had to pretend.

A scar on my heart that is never going to heal,

A memory that stole everything that I feel!

I grew mad and threw myself away,

Hoping that some day it will come and stay!

Love was lost I thought from my life,

But I was wrong  for the thought, to my delight!

Love is not the only one of a kind,

Love is everywhere ,you don’t need to find!

It is in the mother’s eye for a child,

And a sister’s concern for your kind!

It’s in a friends slang annoying for you,

In his sarcasm on what you’re going through!

In the run for finding love I forgot,

that its all around me in the people I’ve already got.

Love is never lost and believe me its true,

Don’t forget to love the people who believe in you!

What I did for love is, I lost myself!

But I found more stronger and newer self!

Love This word brings smile to anyone who comes across, But for me it became a nightmare. It gave me pain and all the negative thoughts I could possibly imagine. Yeah, I am sharing with you what I did for love, I met someone and fell madly in love with the one, It was so strong from my side that I was blinded by it. I lost my existence, I was allured by it to an extent that it was all about the other person. My time , My words , My actions everything was for the one. I forgot I had a life before it came into my life, I forgot I had friends who cared about me deeply.

But suddenly one day the love was gone. I found myself in deepest of sorrow and agony, the pain is too hard to express here. I thought my life was over , I thought I had nothing to live for. My sorrow and frustration was no longer hidden from others I pushed them away and one day I got a call from my dearest friend he called me to ask whether everything was okay? I suddenly broke into tears I couldn’t control myself I told him everything and he consoled me in a very good way. He brought back smile to my face saying,”Never love a person more than yourself.!”. It was the moment when I realized that Love is never lost it persists in you life in some or the other way in my case it persisted in my dear friend and other friends who were there to restore my faith and happiness back.

I thank you my friend who called me at the right time. I thank my sister who has always supported me and my other friends who made me more stronger than I was.

Love yourself so much that the people coming in your life may feel it!

And the people going out of your life miss it!


Dreams and The Law of Attraction

Inspired, Amazed, Motivated!


Dreams and The Law of Attraction

A poem about dreams and the power of The Law of Attraction.  Just for you and your dreams.

dream big the law of attraction

It’s Called The Law of Attraction

I had a dream,
It lit up my heart.
I could feel its energy,
Right from the start.

The dream was big,
and gloriously bright.
It shone over mountains,
Dancing like a kite.

It captivated my soul,
Kept my spirits high.
This dream, what a dream,
In this dream, I could fly.

And then one day,
It knocked on my door.
“I am your dream,
come with me and soar.”

I was so excited,
my heart skipped a beat.
This dream wanted me,
I went, fast on my feet.

When I asked for my dream,
I held it tightly in my mind.
A vision so strong,
One of a kind.

I was grateful for it coming,
I knew it was…

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Reveal ?!

WP_20150224_18_19_19_Pro (2)

A chapter of life hidden from all,

Revealed or known can shatter the wall !

Some secrets, feelings or emotions hidden,

Cannot be expressed, revealed or written !

At times we feel we want to come out,

Reveal those feelings and stop being a stout !

Dilemma that it will make us so weak,

Vulnerable and naked if emotions become bleak !

Never show your weakness to anyone they say !

what about these feelings churned up in a fray ?

I never thought I had to hide my feelings and churn it up inside until recent incidents in my life changed everything. I always had someone to share my feelings but due to some reasons that person did not want to listen this time, Or I should say I felt of loosing the person if I revealed the feelings. It was churning up inside me and it was difficult to sleep, work or even eat, Finally I gathered up courage and told the person about what I felt. It was shocking that the person left me without even listening to my explanation. I felt really bad it was as if my heart was overburdened with lots of emotions I was really weak. I asked myself …

Are we so weak that we cannot control our own emotions?

Is it really necessary to have someone around always to listen?

To answer these questions I started to think about every aspect how did I put myself in this position, And to my surprise I found out that the saying “You should not show your weakness in front of anyone!” was partly correct. Its not that we are weak or we are needy its just that we want to let it out.  Its always inside us how to deal with our emotions but when we fail to do so we just need someone to talk to or to share to. We should not show our weakness to everyone that’s correct but we should also analyze who is the person we are putting our trust in, We should know that however weak I will be that person will accept me or not. Only then we can be completely open to them.

Its just that we are trusting the person  that even if I am weak, strong, timid or whatever I feel he/she will accept me ,understand me and more importantly listen to me.

So choose the right person whom you want to reveal your secrets and feelings. Because sometimes its better to shatter the wall and let someone in, then to stay inside the closed wall alone.


me walking on the riverfront.... thinking of YOU!!!

Thinking of YOU!!

Looking at some pages of life in past..

Old and fragile that really longs last..

With vivid colors and shades of blue…

Memoirs of past and times that flew…

Some of them they touch my heart..

Some brings tears and pokes like a dart..

Those are the days and are never coming back..

Jumbled emotions packed in a sack..

Its like the bottle of wine old and intact..

Rage, love and regrets and in a pack..

Being nostalgic is sad and gay…

your heart takes leap happy and fray..

 It had been a long time I just started to clean my closet…. to my surprise I found diaries very dear to me. I started to write them in my school days, Almost ten years after I was looking at the series of diaries separated by years

They were all my emotions and feelings inked on paper. All my regrets and turmoils in words with pack of old photos with old friends some of which were lost and some are still my friends. It was a roller coaster of emotions I spent my Entire Sunday afternoon with those diaries and photos with rain pouring over and a cup of coffee some events in them made me cry and some made me astonished to how strong I was during those times, Also some of my dark secrets which never came out to any one, Some made me think how foolish i was.. and some also made me angry. The whole afternoon passed away in fraction of time leaving me in a nostalgia..!!

Have you ever tried this??

have you ever been nostalgic..!!??